Smoked Cheese Production

A smoking system which is completely natural, without the addition of chemicals; using wood chip ovens, which give our smoked cheeses an incredibly tasty flavour and a light and pleasant aroma.

A Taste of Our Smoked Cheeses:

Smoked burrata

A handmade spun dough bundle with a creamy filling of hand-shredded mozzarella and cream, naturally smoked. The smoked burrata is the perfect evolution of the

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Smoked scamorza

Smoked scamorza is a semi-hard stretched curd cheese obtained with a natural smoking process carried out in a wood chip oven. It is brown in

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Smoked Ricotta

The lightness, naturalness and creaminess of our ricotta blend with the delicate and pleasant aroma and scent of natural oven smoking, creating a product with

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