In 1948

We made our
quality choice

The history of Caseificio Ignalat began when the master cheesemaker, Vincenzo Ignazzi, started the local cheese factory in Noci, a small town in Puglia. He relied on the secrets of noble dairy art that had been passed down to him, the tools from the peasant culture of the time and a high-quality raw material: the milk from the Bari Murgia.

We are heirs to that choice which we continue to honor and celebrate, always aiming to bring the taste of Puglia to tables around the world, through our typical Apulian cheeses.

Customer Centricity

Customer satisfaction in all its forms is a cornerstone of our business.
For this reason, we operate with a concept of continuous improvement in our company’s performance, emphasizing our commitment to environmental responsibility, transparency and our sustainable approach throughout the entire production process.
This is our commitment to those who choose us, every day.




The best of our short supply chain

Seventy years later, we continue to collect
the same fresh milk from small countryside farms near our cheese factory in Noci.
A top-quality raw material that originates in the heart of the Bari Murgia: a green land where dry stone walls and ancient masserie frame pastures, and silence is punctuated by the cowbells of herds.
In order to produce our typical dairy products and Apulian cheeses, we process milk according to an increasingly rare value, that is worth more than anything: craftsmanship.
The cornerstone of our production.

Our production process

Over the years, we have embraced technological innovation to optimize our cheese factory’s production process and maintain high-quality standards, without giving up our artisanal heritage.
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Largo Garibaldi, 12 - Noci (Ba)
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