The taste of the past and
the quality of the future

Every day we combine the past with the future, tradition with
innovation, to produce the finest Apulian cheeses.

Our strength lies in a production process based on the historic dairy art of handmade processing,
integrated with advanced technological methods that support excellence.
Ignalat milk delicacies stem from the passion and experience of
our master cheesemakers who weave, shape and form our typical dairy products, indulging their
desire to innovate with creativity.
Over the years, we have also relied on the technological innovation
of our plants, to optimize the management of our production process, aiming for even higher quality.
We use our plants’ technology to ensure greater efficiency, process continuity and food safety.


Ignalat cheeses reach customers worldwide.

Our cheese factory meets the challenges of international distribution, through an international logistics network that ensures efficiency, precision and punctuality.

Our wide range of products, packaging and formats caters to different customer segments, allowing us to operate in the retail market, channel and food service.

Our vocation to quality

We ensure the absolute compliance of our Apulian dairy products with the most recognized international standards of wholesomeness and food safety.

The process and product certifications serve as indicators of the high-quality parameters that characterize our cheeses.
Caseificio lgnalat S.r.l.
Headquarter and Production Facility
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 13 - Noci (Ba)
+ 39 080 497 2478
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· Via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 13 - Noci (Ba)
Largo Garibaldi, 12 - Noci (Ba)
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 13 - Noci (Ba)
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