Our vocation
to quality

We are guided by a concept of quality maintenance.

For this reason, we ensure the absolute compliance of our dairy products with the most recognized international standards of wholesomeness and food safety, carrying out daily checks, tests and laboratory analyses.

From raw material to milk processing, to cheese making, to packaging and distribution. We have an integrated quality control management system that is certified according to the strictest international standards. This allows us to accurately monitor every step of the production chain.

The process and product certifications serve as indicators of the high-quality parameters that characterize our cheeses.

Our Quality Policy

The guidelines that we follow on a daily basis are inspired by the main global reference standards for food safety and related principles of quality management.

The highest expression of genuineness

Only milk, rennet, cream, milk enzymes and salt.
Authentic and genuine ingredients with which we promote the value of local production, reconnecting with our land and offering Apulian dairy products rich in nutritional values.
An art that makes every typical Apulian cheese a true masterpiece of milk.

The best of our short supply chain

Seventy years later, we continue to collect the same fresh milk from small countryside farms near our cheese factory in Noci.

To produce our typical dairy products and Apulian cheeses, we process this quality raw material according to an increasingly rare value, which is worth more than anything: craftsmanship. The cornerstone of our production.
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