In contemporary society, where the imperative of ecological transition is becoming increasingly relevant, disturbing paradoxes also emerge.

Despite international efforts to promote greater ecological awareness, today, one-third of the world's food production is wasted. In a world where food insecurity is spreading and millions of people die from hunger every day, this estimate is unacceptable.

Unfortunately, Italy is not exempt from this reality. According to recent data shared by WWF, food waste in our country amounts to 15 billion euros annually, involving both domestic environments and production chains.

Specifically, food discarded at home is associated with the concept of "food waste", while food discarded along the supply chain is linked to the concept of "food loss", as it is mainly linked to logistical issues and poor cold chain management.

Several factors contribute to both of these issues, including the waste of perfectly edible food due to aesthetic standards or imminent expiry, consumer over-purchasing, lack of education on proper food preservation practices, inadequacy of packaging and confusion between the concepts of expiry date and minimum durability date.


Cheese waste is an issue that directly involves us. The research conducted by the Waste Zero campaign of Last Minute Market places milk and dairy products second among the categories of food products most subject to waste.

Among all food categories, fresh cheeses undoubtedly require special attention along the distribution chain due to their high sensitivity to external agents and rapid perishability. This is why a significant part of the cheese on the market is destined for almost immediate consumption, due to its relatively short shelf life. Therefore, it is important for consumers to be aware about the need to consume cheese within a few days after the purchase, in order to avoid waste.

As an essential part of the agri-food industry, the dairy sector plays a key role in reducing food waste. In this perspective, Caseificio Ignalat actively demonstrates its commitment along the entire supply chain by implementing virtuous practices, including:

  • Adopting a local supply chain which significantly reduces distribution costs through few steps and short distances, offering better quality and organoleptic rich products to the market.

  • Logistic optimization, allowing companies to reduce losses during production and commercial distribution, ensuring high quality and longer food shelf life.

  • Using safe, effective, and high-performing packaging, crucial for safe commercialization and extended shelf life.

  • Transparency of the information regarding food preservation practices and conditions, which have to be stated on product labels, enabling consumers to make more informed purchases.


However, change cannot occur only at the industrial level. The active involvement of consumers is essential, as they can reduce waste by changing their purchasing and consumption habits. How? By choosing products in smaller formats, such as single-serve products, and by purchasing fresh products more frequently and long-lasting products less often.

Regarding public and institutional interventions, it would be appropriate to activate global awareness and food education campaigns on the effects of food waste.

Food waste is not just an ethical problem but also an environmental and economic one because each discarded food product represents a loss of resources, such as the water and energy used in its production, and contributes to increase greenhouse gas emissions.

"Caseificio Ignalat strives to keep up with the environmental and social challenges we are called to face, trying to become part of the solution - emphasizes Vincenzo Ignazzi, Export Manager of Caseificio Ignalat - For this reason, we pursue our strategy against food waste daily, investing in research, quality, food safety, and information, while ensuring excellence in every aspect concerning our cheeses."


Now more than ever, the fight against food waste requires an irreversible change of course, a shared responsibility for all actors in the food chain.

We at Caseificio Ignalat are determined to do our part, to offer you only the best, always.

02 May 2024

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